January, 17, 2014

4 Charming Wedding Table Ideas

I love going to weddings to see brides and grooms having the time of their lives, but I love seeing what kind of tablescape they’ve created just as much. To me, tables aren’t just tables—they allow a couple to customize the wedding experience for their guests through their choice of tablecloth linen, overlays, centerpieces and fun surprises. Here are just a few of my favorite wedding table ideas:

1) Personalized Table Settings

Your guests are important to your big day, so why not show them that by creating personalized settings for them at their tables? To help them find where they’re sitting, set up some kind of cute board detailing the seating arrangements for your guests. For every plate at the table, you can tie a menu to the napkin, along with the name of the individual sitting there. If you’re having a smaller gathering, you might even want to leave a special note on the back of each setting. The notes don’t have to be more than a few sentences, but that extra touch will show your guests how much you care.

2) Food As Centerpieces

Though you would usually have guests get their food buffet style or have servers bring the food to them, what about including some treats as part of your centerpiece? This, of course, may not be as easy with some foods as others, but you can make it work with smaller items, like charcuterie and desserts, like a smaller version of this macaroon centerpiece. To let these really shine, you can use simpler tablecloth linen—that way, all eyes will be on the scrumptious centerpiece. Not only are they gorgeous for your guests to look at, they will be just as delicious, too!

3) Entertainment While They Wait

Your guests will surely have a great time at your wedding no matter what, but sometimes, they could use a little extra entertaining while they’re waiting for your wedding party to arrive. In these cases, your guests will appreciate something fun to pass the time, like a quiz personalized with questions about the couple (with the correct answers at the bottom, of course!) or cards on which they can write advice to you two. Want to make the evening even more interactive? Invite people to embrace their inner shutterbug with an “I spy” list of things for them to capture on their cameras throughout the evening (like a picture of the bride and groom laughing, or someone busting out some funny dance moves). They’ll have a great time documenting the evening, and you’ll have pictures from different perspectives from throughout the night.

4) Something For the Kids

So you’ve got the entertainment covered for your older guests, but what about the children attending the reception? You remember what being at a wedding is like for a little kid—they’ll have a good time no matter what, but why not make the experience extra enjoyable for them? For your kiddie table, you can include activity packs for the younger crowd to enjoy. In these activity packs, you can include gender-neutral play items like crayons (perfect if you place some type of paper table overlay for them to draw on), bubbles, Play-doh, candy and even a disposable camera or two. Your little wedding-goers will feel special and have the best time possible.

To see some examples of my favorite wedding tables, visit BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!