December, 31, 2014

3 Non Traditional Holiday Color Combinations

I’ve never been one to really play by the rules for tablescape design, and this is especially true for the holidays. After all, some of my best ideas come from thinking outside the (table linen) box! While I’ll always love the traditional holiday color schemes, like red and green or silver and blue, lately I’ve been digging a little deeper to unearth some less common color combinations to use. If you want to try something new for your holiday tablescape designs, follow along with my guide of three gorgeous nontraditional color schemes!

Blush Pink and Kelly Green

Turn the classic Christmas colors on their head with blush pink and Kelly green! Kelly green makes as a great base color, and combined with the ultra-trendy blush pink, it really brings a sweet sense of fun to any event!

Get the Look for Your Holiday Tables: Start with a Kelly Classic rental table linen, and add in lots of blush pink table accessories, like napkins, candle holders and more.

Table overlay in orchid

Radiant Orchid and Teal

Radiant Orchid has been in the spotlight all year long, so it only makes sense that it could work for the holidays, too! This deep purple shade is rich enough to evoke the feelings of winter, yet it’s still lighthearted enough to bring holiday cheer to all! Like most colors, radiant orchid looks best when combined with other shades, specifically those with blueish tones.

Get the Look for Your Holiday Tables: Try using a radiant orchid table cloth as a base and adding a fun complementary color like teal as the overlay.

Decorate your tables

Bright Gold and Light Gray

Silver and gold have always been go-to color options for the winter months, but if you want to try something with an ultra-modern feel, bright gold and light gray are perfect for you! A brassy yellow gold grabs the attention of your guests in all the right ways, and the light gray works as the perfect accent color for a metallic table design masterpiece.

Get the Look for Your Holiday Tables: Use a dazzling gold sequin table cloth as the main focus for your tablescape design. Incorporate the light gray shade through your napkins. Add in accents, like a scalloped gold charger plate and gold silverware, to finalize the look.

What are your favorite non traditional holiday color schemes? Head over to BBJ Linen’s Facebook to let me know, or simply leave a comment below!

Photo Credit: Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event
Products Used: Sassy Snakeskin
Products Used: Cameo Tori Sheath with 54″ Sq topper