September, 06, 2014

12 Personalized Wedding Ideas

Some of the best weddings I’ve gone to have been completely outside the box, customized specifically to the couples. To create a one-of-a-kind day, follow my list of ideas to create a day you and your guests will always remember!


  • Create a chalkboard backdrop. Here, you can write your names and fun sayings or those that have a special meaning to you both. You can then have your photographer take photos of you and your guests for one-of-a-kind wedding pictures!
  • Incorporate small mementos throughout your venue. For example, if you have your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress, put it on display as a thoughtful nod to your heritage.
  • Serve drinks with customized glasses featuring the names of your wedding party.
  • Create a backdrop to your altar. This could be a flower wall, book wall or whatever you think best represents you and your partner.
  • Create thank you cards before the wedding and leave them at everyone’s seats.

The best weddings were customized specifically to the couples preferences


  • Print your wedding menu on small canvas bags. Then place your silverware inside. Your guests can also reuse these bags to take home candy or other treats you have set out!
  • Incorporate your favorite dishes into the menu. Do you love baked macaroni and cheese or does your partner love homemade mashed potatoes from a family recipe? Add them in! Don’t worry about sticking to a specific menu—it is your big day, after all!
  • Give out favors that mean something to you and your partner. Do you both have a sweet tooth? Hand out some treats, like donuts or cookies. Coffee lovers could hand out coffee beans in a pre-packaged envelope customized with your wedding date.

Other Fun Ideas

  • Create a picture with your “love story.” Outline the major milestones from your relationship, including your first date, first kiss, first “I love yous,” the engagement and, of course, your wedding day.
  • Do you have dogs that are like family to you? Incorporate them into the wedding ceremony! Attach your rings to their collars and have them walk down the aisle, or simply have them pose for wedding pictures with your wedding party!
  • Make mad libs specific to you and your partner. This is a fun touch that will have everyone laughing!
  • Set up Polaroid cameras as an alternative to the traditional guest book.

Which is your favorite idea? Let me know by leaving a comment below! For more wedding ideas, check out BBJ Linen’s Instagram page!

Planner / Styling / Photo Credit:
Debi Lilly / A Perfect Event
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Table Linen: Marseille Reversed
Napkin: Silver Shantung
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