December, 31, 2014

10 Ways to Use Aquamarine at Your Next Event

If you’re looking for a beautiful way to decorate your next event, draw inspiration from our latest gemstone spotlight: Aquamarine. Gemstones and jewel tones always make for a gorgeous look at formal events, an aquamarine is no exception. Plus, since it’s less of an intensive hue, it’s a bit more versatile and can be used for virtually any occasion! Check out these 10 ways you can use it at your next event.

10) Set up a seafood buffet.

Set up a table reminiscent of the ocean with crisp white linen and clear-blue plates and dishes to showcase fresh seafood like crab legs, fresh shrimp, raw oysters and more. The colors will bring to mind a day at the beach followed by a meal delicious seaside restaurant.

9) Serve the Aquamarine cocktail.

Though it’s not blue in color, the aquamarine cocktail is a refreshing, delicious drink. Mix two parts vodka, four parts apple juice, and one part each of blue curacao, peach liqueur, and triple sec. Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice, and pour into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice cubes.

8) Make blue drinks for everyone!

Sure, the aquamarine cocktail is delicious, but it’s not actually blue! You can also serve your guests other drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that are blue. Such drinks can include the Blue Hawaiian, which is made blue with the use of the orange-flavored liqueur blue curacao, or go the virgin route and stir up pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream and finish it off by adding a few drops of blue food coloring to mimic the tropical cocktail.

7) Set up a candy buffet with aquamarine confections.

Aquamarine lends well to treats like cotton candy, rock candy and so much more. Set out bowls of several kinds of blue-hued sugary snacks—just make sure the kids don’t have unlimited access!

6) Use aquamarine as a contrasting accent color.

No matter what the main color is for your event, using aquamarine as an accent can be a great way to play up the color without having it be the main attraction. For instance, if you’re using white or black table linen, you can use an aquamarine table runner and some brightly colored flowers to set the neutral table linen off. Likewise, you can pair neutral-toned linen with aquamarine chair ties or covers for a pop of color.

Combine neutral tones with rich gemstones, like aquamarine

5) Choose aquamarine candles for unique lighting

Instead of worrying about things like fabric draping to make the room look aqua, use candles in this shade for a subtler accent. Especially at events like weddings, candles can add an air of romance, as well, so these would be perfect for such an occasion.

4) Fill vases with sea glass

If you’re looking for an interesting and decorative centerpiece, fill vases with sea glass in shades of teal, turquoise, aquamarine and emerald. Evocative of the sea, these decorations will look beautiful at a seaside wedding or one that uses aqua or turquoise as its theme.

3) Showcase an aquamarine cake

With the magic that cake decorators can work in their kitchens these days, you can incorporate aqua into your wedding cake in a million different ways. Talk to your baker and be sure to check out Pinterest for inspiration.

2) Use aquamarine dishes for the meal you serve.

Of course, you’ll need to serve the food at your event on plates and the drinks in glasses. Check with your vendors and planners to see if there are, for instance, aquamarine charger plates or stemware to tie in the aqua theme with the meal.

Contrast Aquamarine plates and chargers with neutral linen shades

1) Use aquamarine as the main table linen color.

Choose a variety of shades of aquamarine for the tables at your event, from light to dark, and accent them with corresponding shades as well. For instance, use a light, pastel shade as the main tablecloth, then use a runner or napkins in the same shade, just darker, as an accent. This sort of arrangement looks great with any color.

Photo Credit: Allen Tsai Photography

Products Used: Mercury Sequin Table Runner, Ivory Lamour Table Linen, Silver Shantung Napkin & Lino Ginger Glitter Charger