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1894 Red Canyon Sunset $ 8.75 $ 8.75

Canyon Sunset

Available Sizes & Rental Prices

13” Charger  
Rental Price
$ 8.75

Because of its fragility and weight, contact our experienced design specialists.


What could be better than the sunset used in your tabletop décor?  Absolutely nothing!  The sun setting on the horizon and creating a myriad of colors reflecting on nature’s best inspired the hues and texture of this masterpiece of this charger.  From deep reds of garnet and scarlet to a soft orange of melon or saffron and ending in the center of bright golden hues that remind of us the warmth of the day.  Textured with the earthly touches of the ground and botanicals, create the next great masterpiece with this design in hand.  And don't forget, our chargers are crafted to be food safe, so you can use them within your design, as well as in your food service.

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