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About BBJ


BBJ - What makes us different

Since 1983, BBJ has been the leader and pioneer in linen rental for the event industry. BBJ established the linen rental sector of the special event industry and continually strives to bring our clients the best products available nationwide. For many years, our talented designers and procurement teams have traveled the globe with a keen eye, choosing textiles and patterns that are unparalleled and unsurpassed in the industry. With an eye always to the future, we expand our product line to offer our clients the very best, the very unique, the very memorable in table fashion and décor. Along with a state of art communications center in our headquarters outside Chicago, we have sales representatives in most major US cities to assist you, making BBJ the largest special event linen rental company in the United States.

BBJ is proud to have built the best team in the industry to serve your special event rental needs.